Editorial Guidelines

Embargoes: No Problem

The Biotechnician will follow any embargo set on a press release. We actually prefer to receive press releases early so we have time to conduct research on the subject and ensure that the article is of high quality. We will honor any embargo to keep your news confidential until it is lifted.

We Treasure Exclusives

The Biotechnician is the most influential and respected news service covering biopharmaceutical and biotechnology across The Asia Pacific. Exclusive delivery of press release and news to The Biotechnician, will create more attention within the industry, as we have built extensive connections and respect across the region. If the news is groundbreaking, we will ensure that it on our home page and sent out in our weekly newsletter every Sunday.

The Biotechnician Publishing Times

We publish everyday, seven days a week, at 9am EST, and The Biotechnician’s weekly newsletter is sent every Sunday evening at 9pm EST to our subscribers across the Asia Pacific and the globe.

Tips for Pitching News to The Biotechnician

News Coverage:

We cover mainly, but not exclusively, FDA approvals, preclinical and clinical data, trial initiations, regulatory updates, conferences, new firms, biotech earnings, financing, major deals, and any other news related to Asia Pacific’s biopharmaceutical industry. We also cover diagnostics and medical devices as long as its relevant to the development of Asia Pacific’s biopharmaceutical industry. In our weekly publication, The Biotechnician’s brief, we cover the major trends occurring in the industry and provide unique analysis to breaking news that happened that week.

Deadlines for Daily News: The Biotechnician editorial news meeting happens daily at 9 a.m. EST. That’s when we pick the stories for the day, so if you have news that’s complex and needs explanation (i.e. a deal with no terms, but an interesting structure), please reach out to us before then. Our daily copy deadline (the time when stories must be completed by our writers) is 4:30 p.m. EST.

We look forward to working with you and your team in the near future. Do not hesitate to send us any questions or comments

Where to Send Your Press Releases

Please send your press releases to Mr. Baron Eldra, Editor, at Mr. Eldra monitors the inbox throughout the day and will respond to your press release on time, and ensures that it is written up and posted online.